About us

We are Arizona Repertory Theatre for Kids, a fine arts program. Our mission is to give children a place to shine, to develop their talents and learn teamwork through theatrical productions. 

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Read how we use the arts to do just that!


Dance is a powerful ally for developing many of the attributes of a growing child. Dance helps children mature physically, emotionally, socially, and cognitively. ART kids will be taught basics of dance including ballet, jazz, tap, and musical theatre.


The discipline of music boosts students brain power, teaches patience, and helps them to think critically as they approach harmony and singing in rhythm. Learn challenging music, play games, as well as sing as a part of the cast of the shows we produce.


Art has immense benefits for intellectual development. Art encourages creativity, craftsmanship, and imagination. Art will consist of different techniques such as painting, building, designing projects geared towards props and sets for the productions!


Drama helps youth discover talents, feel like part of something outside themselves, gives them a sense of belonging and importance, and raises their self-confidence. ART kids will learn basic acting techniques as well

Meet our Team

Rachel Evans

Rachel Evans has a passion for helping children find their voice. She started ART for Kids in 2016 with the mission of providing a place for children to shine! As an art instructor she encouraged all students to make their voices heard through their creation and be sure to claim their work. Currently, she is a student at Arizona State University, studying theatre in order to bring a better theatre experience to our community in San Tan Valley

Mindy Dalmacio

Mindy Dalmacio is a powerhouse of creation! She joined the ART4Kids team as Artistic Director for Aladdin Jr. and has been a part of the team ever since. Mindy has been active in her community for years, always looking for ways to enrich the community for the benefit of the kids and families.

Margaret Jurgens

Margaret Jergens Is a welcome addition to our team. She has been educating children for 9 years giving direct support to children providing assistance and programs related to the academic and functional skill attainment for students. She is driven by the desire to develop a child’s curiosity and knowledge. Her passion for theatre has been a lifelong pursuit. Joining Missoula Children's Theatre as a child and worked with their traveling theater company as an adult.

Kayela Seegmiller

Kayela Seegmiller is excited to combine her love of theater and her love of children as she brings her talents to ART for Kids. She has studied at BYU and NYU. She's been a teacher for the past 6 years and been involved with theater since she was 18. She brings a wealth of experience and vast knowledge since she has been producing Shakespearian theatre for the past 5 years.