About us

Rachel Evans

Rachel Evans has a passion for helping children find their voice. She started ART for Kids in 2016 with the mission of providing a place for children to shine! As an art instructor she encouraged all students to make their voices heard through their creation and be sure to claim their work. Currently, she is a student at Arizona State University, studying theatre in order to bring a better theatre experience to our community in San Tan Valley

What is Repertory Theatre for Kids and How did it Start?

In 2015 a group of amazing teachers brought the world of musical theatre to their school. They soon realized that not only was there a lot of interest in the arts, they also realized that immense talent surrounded them. When Summer of 2016 came, they decided to put together a musical production camp. Rachel Evans began the company Arizona Repertory Theatre for Kids, popularly known as ART4Kids! She continued working with her colleagues and together they made multiple shows per year.  Being a group of teachers, they of course concentrated on teaching the kids how dance, music, drama, and art tied in to make a full production! At the end of the four week camp, the students put on a wonderful production of Alice in Wonderland. It was easy to see how much the arts had impacted the kids. Rachel realized that Art4Kids wasn’t only a place that put on shows, but instead a place where the children could shine! She watched kids find a new confidence, and passion.