Film Intensive Training

Film Intensive Training includes 12 workshops, filming of short film, and a red carpet premiere in on the big screen! Each week we will offer a new workshop theme with valuable information on the film industry, safety, and how to get started! Monday we learn, and Wednesdays we do! If your student has any conflicts, please let us know in an email, we will work with you if possible. It is important students attend all workshops for the filming process. Each workshop can be taken independently without signing up for the entire program!


Monday’s and Wednesday’s August 12 – September 18 

What does it take to make a film?

August 12, 14
Learn what it takes to make a film! Your child will learn vocabulary, crew responsibilities, film categories, union versus independent film, phrases used on-set, pre- and post- production, film festivals, and distribution! This workshop will teach everything you need to know to understand how film is made, and just how "behind-the-scenes" work benefits an actor!

*Parents aren't required to come to the Monday class, but are welcome to attend!

Film Audition class

August 26, 28
Your child will learn the differences between theatre and film auditions. They will learn what equipment is needed, and how to set up for auditions. They will learn important terms used in the auditions room, and will be tasked to use those skills by sending in a "Self-tape" audition for their role in the short film "The Mirror" we are producing!

Makeup/FX Class

September 9, 11
Your child will take a course in film makeup and FX taught by industry professionals who have worked on film sets for 6 years in Arizona, New Mexico, Nevada and California! The kids will be split into two groups according to age, so that we may teach them appropriate level artistry, and ensure the most fun and effective learning experience

Film industry preparation class

August 19, 21
Your child wants to be a film actor? Where do you begin and HOW DO YOU KEEP THEM SAFE? This class will prepare you, and them with all the basic needs an actor must have before actively looking for representation. What is representation and why do you need them? We will also actively build your child's resume, and provide basic headshots for the beginning of their journey!

*Parents aren't required to come to the Monday class, but attendance is highly recommended

Choreography Dance and Fight Choreo

September 7
Two scenes have a dance and "fight", which need to be properly choreographed. A choreographer and professional stunt actor will be teaching your child the dance and fight choreography according to their character in preparation for the film shoot day!

Character Development and rehearsal

September 16, 18
During this weeks class we will deep dive into the development of the character your child was cast as! We will teach your child how to portray those characters on screen, and how the acting styles differ from theatre. We will rehearse the scenes and properly prepare your child for film day!

Film Day

The moment we all have been waiting for has arrived! On September 21st your child will take all of their new knowledge and hard work, and receive the “on-set” experience! This day they will arrive on a real set ready to act in a short film working alongside Director of photography Levi Elizaga and producer Rachel Writer with The Dance Experience AZ, Your children will spend up to 10 hours filming “The Mirror” (5 hours max for children under 10) One parent/adult is expected to be with their child on film day, they will be provided a space to sit, and watch their children on a live set for the duration of their call time! Craft services will be provided, along with a 30 minute break with a provided lunch. This experience is not only beneficial to children interested in the film industry, these skills can be applied in a multitude of professions! We can’t wait to work with your child, and watch them #SHINE as we MAKE A MOVIE!